Coder's Management Outing!!
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We have our management meeting every month, why not we have a management outing every quarter?! YES!! We've been doing it for half year, this time round we went to Shek O, nice beach, music, BBQ, sport etc. We target Phuket for our next outing :p

Circle Home testing finished
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Code international had finished the second testing with Circle Home limited. It was a great opportunity for all of us, our client was impressed by our result.
We are looking forward to kick start the project officially in the future.

Code International Staycation!!!
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Due to the virus originally started from China, the whole world stopped traveling for a year...We can't hold for that! Let's go for Sai Kung Staycation!! Wake boarding, sun bathing, roof top pool, drinking, eating, we didn't miss a thing haha

Code International Basketball night!
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WE CAN'T HOLD FOR MORE!! Since COVID-19 till now, we've stopped our favourite activity, our code international basketball is back!
See you guys on 7th July.

AQUA PRO+TECH product testing
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We just finished the first round testing with Aqua PRO+TECH on June, 2020. Incredible products and result.
The second round testing will be held on 24th July, we will not only do outdoor event but indoor as well this time.

Visit our Blog
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We are posting a lot valuable articles every week. The topic types are very board, from daily life to business techniques. However, only available in Traditional Chinese now.

We're Seeking for TALENT!
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In 2020, we planned BIG, however it seems it's not a good first half year for this planet. Hard but not impossible! We've overcame all the challenges, Code international is ready for the BIG JUMP now. We need talents to join us and we will write a new page together!

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About Code

In 2010, a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals saw the potential in face to face marketing and started Team Code.

Code International learned from top global marketing companies to integrate world class sales skills and professionalism into our system. We specialise in face to face marketing in which we focus on direct communication and personalised service. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of international charity organisations (WWF, TNC) and commercial powerhouses (FW1, Shave2U).

Code International was officially established as a start-up company in 2015. Moving forward, Code International will look into developing a fusion marketing approach combining digital media with our well-established face to face sales blueprint. We aim to be the top face to face sales & marketing company in Hong Kong and expand our business to Taiwan, China, Europe, Australia and the US within the next 5 years.


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