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In 2010, a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals saw the potential in face to face marketing and started Team Code.

Code International learned from top global marketing companies to integrate world class sales skills and professionalism into our system. We specialise in face to face marketing in which we focus on direct communication and personalised service. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of international charity organisations (WWF, TNC) and commercial powerhouses (FW1, Shave2U).

Code International was officially established as a start-up company in 2015. Moving forward, Code International will look into developing a fusion marketing approach combining digital media with our well-established face to face sales blueprint. We aim to be the top face to face sales & marketing company in Hong Kong and expand our business to Taiwan, China, Europe, Australia and the US within the next 5 years.



So, what's our deal?

All entrepreneurs specialise in the products/services they provide. They are the professionals in their respective field. However, most entrepreneurs encounter problems when trying to get in touch with the customers. Why? Most entrepreneurs only do one half of the job in terms of marketing: mass media advertising. And this is where Code International comes in. Face to face marketing allows companies to connect with customers with a personalised approach. With a decade of experience on face to face marketing, our professional sales team is capable of delivering products/services to the end customers in a well-informed and direct manner, increasing a company’s market penetration rate and foster revenue growth.


Face to face marketing has always been the bread and butter of our company. It is the most direct way to increase sales and generate real-time customer data for our clients. Interested parties can check out the last section of our website.





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Chris Ho / @ Team Leader

Charlie Li @ Assistant Manager

                                        Pierre NG @ Director

Roy Chan @ Co Founder

Phil Yeung @ Senior eam Leader

Chris Ho @ Senior Team Leader

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Tracy Woo @ Administrator and Recruiter

Po Chu @ Administrator and Recruiter


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The DAILY life @ Code...

Code International is proud to have designed a clear career development path. There are specific guidelines and qualifications in place for you to develop from a marketing role (Field Representative) to a managerial and decision making role (Leadership to Ownership). You can click the black button below to check out the ‘Codepath’.

In Code International, we don't build the business: we build our people and the people will build the business. The Codepath has always been the corner stone of our management system. It is the reason why we are able to continuously attract talented prospects.

In 2018, Code International integrated OKR (Objective and key results) as a management tool after studying the likes of Google, LinkedIn, ......,etc. OKR enables teams in Code International to achieve sales goals



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In code, we don't build a business;

we build our people, and the people will build the business.