@Pierre NG

I believe life is not just about money, it should be something more.

I truly understand that we all don't want to work in a company with a bad system and management.

But.....Can we change anything? No! Unless the company is ran by everyone not the boss! This idea really hit me, and this is the core value of code international

@Chris Ho

Team Leader

I'm the one who used to be introversive and grew up in a traditional family.


After I graduated the bachelor degree in U.S. I thought I would have applied for government job and then happy forever, according to my mom. But, umm, that's not my cap of tea.


I want to control my working hour, working place and career path, not because I have to, but because I want to. So here I am now.

I born and raised in HK, 100% Hong Konger.

After I graduated, I worked in a bank for 2 years. I thought that was the best job for me (stable and cool)


However, how can it be cool if i have zero control of my career? I wanted to join a company that can grow with, #codeintl should be one of them. That's why i became one of the pioneer of code international.

@Roy Chan

Assistant owner


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In code, we don't build a business;

we build our people, and the people will build the business.