code international limited video for the year of pig

About Code

In 2010, a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals saw the potential in face to face marketing and started Team Code.

Code International learned from top global marketing companies to integrate world class sales skills and professionalism into our system. We specialise in face to face marketing in which we focus on direct communication and personalised service. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of international charity organisations (WWF, TNC) and commercial powerhouses (FW1, Shave2U).

Code International was officially established as a start-up company in 2015. Moving forward, Code International will look into developing a fusion marketing approach combining digital media with our well-established face to face sales blueprint. We aim to be the top face to face sales & marketing company in Hong Kong and expand our business to Taiwan, China, Europe, Australia and the US within the next 5 years.